The chair of Economics and Management of Northern University  carries out the mission to prepare responsible and leading specialists in the field of economy and management with high standards of professionalism, able to face challenges and adapt to the international environment.


The Chair activityis directed towards:

  1. to implement academic programs enabling the Chair graduates to be successful, hard-headed  specialists  in the field of enterprise management;
  2. to select teaching and learning methods in accordance with the expected outcomes as specified in the academic programs of specialties, contributing to the student-orientedtraining;
  3. to develop students’ sense of responsibility towards economics and management as their profession, as well as to encourage them to value it as their profession;
  4. to expand the framework of the faculty cooperation with a wider academiccommunity.

The subjects taught by the Chair are:

  1. System of National Accounts
  2. Management of Labor Resources
  3. Fundamentals of Audit
  4. International Standards of Audit
  5. Insurance
  6. Leadership
  7. Distribution of Labor Forces
  8. Production management and planning
  9. Accounting in Banking
  10. Banking Management
  11. Business Statistics
  12. Economics of Environmental Protection and Exploitation of Natural Resources
  13. Stock Market and Stock Exchange Operations
  14. Pricing in Market Economy
  15. Methods of Scientific-Technical Innovation Forecasting
  16. General Economics
  17. Management of Demographics and Labor Resources
  18. Innovative Management
  19. Economics of Service
  20. Theory of Organization
  21. Managerial Accounting
  22. Decisions Making
  23. Controlling
  24. Conflict Management
  25. Corporate Management
  26. Anti-crisis Management
  27. World Economic Geography
  28. Public Services
  29. Public Administration
  30. Accounting Policy
  31. Accountancy software packages
  32. Theory of Accountancy
  33. Accounting and Audit
  34. Accountancy in Public Sector
  35. International Standards of Accounting
  36. Taxation and Tax Policy
  37. Economic Geography of the RA and NKR
  38. Enterprise Economics
  39. Basics of Entrepreneurship
  40. Economics and Management of a Branch
  41. Mathematical models in Economics
  42. Macroeconomic Management and Forecasting
  43. Macroeconomic Regulation
  44. Introduction to the Major
  45. Basics of Marketing
  46. Customs Policy
  47. Mega economics
  48. Basics of Management
  49. Microeconomics
  50. International trade
  51. International Economic Relations
  52. Project Management
  53. Construction Economy
  54. Quality Management
  55. Strategic Management
  56. Strategic Accounting
  57. Strategic Planning
  58. Risk Management
  59. Socio-economic statistics
  60. Economics and Organization in Service Sector
  61. Service Management
  62. Basics of Administration
  63. General Theory of Statistics
  64. Economic Sociology
  65. Theory of Economics
  66. Economics
  67. Analysis of Economic Activity
  68. Economic Diplomacy
  69. Regulation of Economic Competition
  70. History of Economic Theories
  71. Historyof Economics
  72. Economic-mathematical Models
  73. Financing
  74. Financial Management
  75. Financial Markets
  76. Finances and Credit
  77. Economics of Labor

Academic Staff of the Chair:

Doctor of Economics, Professor – 1, PhDs, Associate Professors – 5, Assistants - 3

Head of Chair: A. Tshughuryan

Reception hours:
Monday-Friday 14:00-15:00







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