The Armenian Language, Literature and Journalism Chair carries out the  mission to train specialists of “The Armenian Language and Literature” for Armenian schools, both in the  RA and foreign countries, able to work as a teacher of the Armenian language and literature, a school headmaster, an editor and a proofreader at museums, archives, an assistant and a translator at Matenadaran.

The professional activities and functions of a Bachelor in Journalism embraces the system of Mass Media such as news agencies, print media, radio, TV and Internet journalism- providing public-political, social-economic, cultural-enlightening, scientific, entertainment and other content information. A Bachelor is required is to carry out his/her professional activities in accordance with the peculiarities and objectives of a particular Mass Media means.


The main directions of the Chair activity:

  1. to implement educational programs enabling the graduates of the Chair to become successful specialists in the field of "The Armenian Language and Literature"; in accordance with the mission of the University-to train specialists capable of  carrying out scientific and educational activities; in accordance with the requirements of the labor market-to train specialists capable of using their theoretical knowledge in their professional field of pursue;
  2. to provide a certain educational level, to develop and apply more effective methods of knowledge acquisition, as well as to develop universal and professional skills;
  3. to provide outcome-oriented education;
  4. to provide a student-centered environment, interrelationship between theoretical and practical components of the teaching process, as well as to provide relevant resources;
  5. to carry out the policy of selecting teaching and learning methods in accordance with the expected outcomes as specified in the academic programs of the specialties- contributing to student-centered training and teaching.
  6. to expand the cooperation of the chair and faculty with a wider academic

The subjects and languages taught by the Chair are:

  1. The Armenian Language
  2. Methods of Teaching of the  Armenian Language
  3. Basics of Linguistics
  4. The History of Armenian Literature
  5. The History of Foreign Literature
  6. Children's Literature
  7. Development of Children’s speech
  8. Rhetoric/Elocution and Court Speech
  9. Teacher's Eloquence and Art of Communication
  10. Introduction to Literature

Academic Staff:

6 lecturers, 3 associate professors are engaged in the Chair staff.

Head of Cahir: Nune Mkrtchyan

Reception hours:
Monday 9.30-15.30, Tuesday 9.30-15.30, Wednesday 9.30-15.30







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Ուշադրություն!! Հյուսիսային համալսարանի և Իսպանիայի Սևիլիայի համալսարանի միջև Է...

Հյուսիսային համալսարանը նոր դռներ է բացում

Հյուսիսային համալսարանը նոր դռներ է բացում

Հյուսիսային համալսարանի և Իսպանիայի Սևիլիայի համալսարանի միջև Էրազմուս+ համագոր...


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