The chair of Romance-Germanic and Russian Philology of Northern University  carries out the mission  to prepare duly-qualified foreign language specialists-philologists and teachers, with a profound knowledge, meeting modern labor market requirements. The subjects, as designated by the academic program, enable to prepare specialists with a profound knowledge both in their professional sphere and in humanities, social-economic and natural sciences as well. Classes are both theoretical and practical, with the instruction based on interactive teaching methods and use of modern technologies. Apart from the educational process itself, the Chair also implements and carries out scientific, educational and cultural projects.

The subjects/languages taught by the Chair are:

  1. History of XVII & XIX c Foreign Literature
  2. History of XX c. Foreign Lliterature
  3. History of Ancient Literature
  4. Fundamentals of Translatology of Paremiology
  5. History of Foreign Literature
  6. Foreign Literature
  7. Speaking skills
  8. Lexicology
  9. Pragmatics
  10. Practical Grammar
  11. Writing skills
  12. Area studies (a second foreign language)
  13. Area studies (major foreign language)
  14. Second Foreign Language (English, French, Spanish)
  15. Theory and Practice of Translation
  16. Linguistics and Theory of Communication
  17. History of Language
  18. Major Foreign Language (English, French, Russian)
  19. Typology
  20. Stylistics
  21. Basics of Romance-Germanic Philology
  22. History of Russian Literature
  23. The Russian language
  24. History of Foreign Literature of the Renaissance Period
  25. Theory of Phonetics
  26. Theoretical Grammar
  27. A Foreign Language (English)
  28. Methods of a Foreign Language Teaching
  29. Foreign Literature (selected chapters)
  30. A Major Foreign Language (selected chapters)

Academic Staff of the Chair:

9 lecturers- with 2 PhDs and 2 Associate Professors therein, are engaged in the Chair staff.

Acting head of the Chair:  K. Rshtuni

Reception hours:
Monday, Tuesday:  09:30-14:00






online open lecture

online open lecture


Հայտարարություն համալսարանի ուսանողների համար

Հայտարարություն համալսարանի ուսանողների համար

Հարգելի ուսանողներ, այսուհետև ձեզ անհրաժեշտ մասնագիտական գրականության էլեկտրոնա...

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