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In the framework of the Erasmus + Program (Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignment) on October 7-11 2019, one of the lecturers of Northern University had an opportunity to conduct lessons at Jan Amos Komenski University in Leshno, Poland. Bakur Martirosyan the lecturer at the Chair of Economics and Management and the exchange program participant  shared his impressions.

“From the period of October  7-11, within the framework of the «Erasmus +» Key Action 1 Programme I had the opportunity to conduct 8 hours-4 lessons of the “The essence and the main types of modern taxes» course for the  students of the Faculty of Economics of Jan Amos Komeński State School of Higher Vocational Education . The course was chosen by the host university and thereon relative materials were prepared on this subject The auditorium was equipped with whiteboard, projector, as well as  notebook.

I should mention that I experienced warm welcome and friendly attitude of the relevant staff members of the University, as well as I had their support in every matter.

As for the students, the lessons were conducted in friendly, cooperative and collaborative atmosphere. The students were active and displayed interest and discipline during the whole lessons.

I would like to say that this was an excellent opportunity to test one’s professional skills and competences in «challenging» conditions, which should be overcome by every lecturer during his/her work”.


online open lecture

online open lecture


Հայտարարություն համալսարանի ուսանողների համար

Հայտարարություն համալսարանի ուսանողների համար

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